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Client Testimonials

Celebrating almost 9 years of friendship and success together with my dear Harry and H3 Group. We have grown a lot together this time in collaboration!

Datuk Andrew Lim


I am satisfied with the support and guidance given by H3 to us at Yayasan Muallaf Malaysia, and looking forward to future collaborations together

Shila Lama

Kuala Lumpur

Harry is a hardworking young man and a brilliant entrepreneur at heart with full of fire in the belly. I am deeply thrilled to be collaborating with him on multiple business.

Yasni b. Datuk Yusof

Kuala Lumpur

Hi Harry is a dedicated and well planned person. A dependable person for projects and business development work with Genio Group!

Jin Wai Chong

Kuala Lumpur

Amazing 3 years spent in Kuala Lumpur with Harry, as we built up Qardian from ground up until first stage seed investment!

Timo Ikonen


Speed and commitment is truly remarkable with performance based delivery. I am very happy to be partnering with Harry in growing my personal brand!

Natalya Bronzova


Have had the pleasure to work with Harry in transforming our range of clinics in Australia. Highly satisfied with the performance in just under three months!

Dr Benjamin


Bridging Excellence, Driving Innovation.
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