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Engineering & Green Tech

Energy Advisory Asia

We provide an array of energy efficiency related services to reduce your electricity consumption.

To deliver sustainable solutions to effectively monitor your energy usage with intention to significantly reduce your overall electricity usage in operations. Our services help to identify your current wastage, eliminate unnecessary electricity consumption or ghost energy, optimize processes and introduce new technologies that can further reduce your existing monthly utility bills.

Our aim is to create a sustainable value in your organization with impact to operations and corporate sustainability goals. 

Our Core Deliverable

In our course of work as energy consultants, we help you map your current energy consumption profile, be it in your warehouse, facilities, or head quarters. Identifying the root of wastage helps you optimize your current energy usage and further introduction of technology streamlines your efficiency.

Energy Optimization

Energy Monitoring

Efficient Technology

The Result:

Our effective consultancy will produce a better streamlined energy consumption throughout your organization with the end result towards reducing your monthly electricity bill. Our efforts in the past have proved significant reduction from 20% up to 35% from existing costs with limited operational investment.

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